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St. Barbara's Anglican    Catholic Church        496 Waters Rd.Jacksonville, nc 28546

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        SUNDAY SERVICE 10:30 a.m.

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Dear Everyone,

I believe that the spread of this disease (COVID-19) is possible on many more fronts than I first expected.  So, to further improve the safety for all concerned I have decided to grant your absence as OK.  But if you feel you can maintain safe social distance you are welcome to attend all services.   Many have now received the vacines and are more comfortable in attending Mass and receiving of the sacrament.

By clicking on the Zoom link above you are able to view all services.

Additionally, the chapel is presently under renovation and our services have moved to the fellowship area on the grounds.  And can be opened for private prayers.  We ask you to use the hand sanitizer and CaviWips entering and departing the chapel.

In Christ,

Bishop Lerow
Mass times for the coming months are noted below with clergy providing.

Feasts & Special Sundays in September 2021
September 19th Trinity XVI                                               Bishop Lerow
September 21st Tuesday St. Matthew’s Day         The Rev. Erik Wilson
September 26th Trinity XVII                                             Bishop Lerow
September 29th Wednesday St Michael and All Angels   Bishop Lerow

Feasts & Special Sundays in October 2021
October 3rd Trinity XVIII                               The Rev.  Fr. Erik Wilson

October 10th Trinity XIX                                The Rev. Fr. Erik Wilson
October 17th Trinity XX                                                   Bishop Lerow

October 18th (Monday)                                                     Bishop Lerow
October 24th Trinity XXI                                The Rev. Fr. Erik Wilson
October 28th (Thursday) SS Simon & Jude                      Bishop Lerow
October 31st Christ the King Sunday              The Rev. Fr. Erik Wilson

Feasts & Special Sundays in November 2021
November 1st (Monday) All Saints Mass 6 pm                 Bishop Lerow
November 2nd (Tuesday) All Souls Day Mass 6 pm        Bishop Lerow

November 7th Trinity XXIII                                              Bishop Lerow
November 14th Trinity XXIV                          The Rev. Fr. Erik Wilson
November 28th Advent I                                                    Bishop Lerow

November 30th (Tuesday) S. Andrew, AP.M. The Rev. Fr. Erik Wilson

Feasts & Special Sundays in December 2021
December 5th Advent II                                                     Bishop Lerow
St Barbara’s Day Dec 4th transferred to 5th
(Celebration) following Mass

December 8th (Wednesday)  Conception of the BVM      Bishop Lerow
December 12th Advent III                                The Rev. Fr. Erik Wilson
December 19th Advent IV                                                  Bishop Lerow

December 21st (Tuesday) St. Thomas Day following Evening Prayer                                                                                         Bishop Lerow
December 24th (Friday) Vigil of the Nativity 6:30 pm     Bishop Lerow
December 25th (Saturday) Christmas Day  10:30 am       Bishop Lerow

December 26th St. Stephen Proto Martyr                           Bishop Lerow
December 27th (Mon) St. John the Apostle  Mass 6 pm   Bishop Lerow

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