Services are held at

496 Waters Rd.

Jacksonville, NC 28546



Rt. Rev. Donald F. Lerow

Church: (910) 378-5118


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St. Barbara's Anglican Catholic Church 496 Waters Rd. Jacksonville, nc 28546
St. Barbara's Anglican    Catholic Church        496 Waters Rd.Jacksonville, nc 28546

Who We Are

Many faithful Christians today are searching for a church home; a Church that preaches and teaches the historic faith "once delivered"; a Church where "Scripture", "Reason", and "Tradition" are not words that have to be whispered.


Well, dear friend, we have great news! The Church established by Jesus Christ is very much alive and well; a Church faithful to the Word of God and unwilling to compromise on matters of Faith, Morals, or Discipline; a Church rich in traditional liturgy and worship; a Church that continues to follow the teachings of Christ instead of those of the world.


The Church of St. Barbara is a vibrant, growing parish within the Anglican Catholic Church located in Jacksonville, North Carolina.


If you are searching for a spiritual home, we welcome you to join us for worship and study. You are also encouraged to call or email our priest who will be most happy to answer your questions.


We Welcome You in the Name of the Lord!

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