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496 Waters Rd.

Jacksonville, NC 28546



Rt. Rev. Donald F. Lerow

Church: (910) 378-5118


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St. Barbara's Anglican Catholic Church 496 Waters Rd. Jacksonville, nc 28546
St. Barbara's Anglican    Catholic Church        496 Waters Rd.Jacksonville, nc 28546

Our Work

The Adult Bible Study will begin following Sunday Mass September 26th.  The book of Ezekiel consists of 48 chapters.  The book is primarily about Israel’s judgement by God, their time in captivity, restoration of Israel and their temple worship.  Ezekiel’s unusual way of communicating his prophetic messages is unique and truly worthy of a good study.  Please come and remain with us, as we take a serious look at the character of this man and judgement God places not only in Israel but the entire region.

Choir Practice --- Bridget Capparrucia is our new choir director.  It is hoped that we can inspire all those that like to sing to come and join in with her and a few other faithful members.  As noted, Choir Practice is at 7 pm on Tuesdays. 

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